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Anne Neumann | President
Harold Weinstein Ltd.

"From the first time she came into this office eleven years ago, Anne has been a comfortable mixture of professionalism and helpfulness which has enabled this business to continue. Her assistance has been invaluable, her work exemplary and her advice solid. I have never regretted our finding her and have frequently thanked heaven that we did."

National Home Inspection Ltd.

"I am so grateful to have found Anne and A1 Bookkeeping Solutions! I struggled for years with accounting and all that has changed! Not only does Anne provide excellent bookkeeping services but she has also provided me with training to enable me to keep things up to date on my own. I am much more comfortable with QuickBooks because of the information and tips she has provided. I was so happy with Anne's business services that I started using her for my personal taxes as well and ended up getting larger refunds than I ever had before! I can't recommend A1 Bookkeeping enough! Thanks Anne!"

Elisabeth Blackburn | President
Cru Communications & Broadcast Productions Inc.

"As a small company, we did not need the services of a full-time accountant. However, with any company, there are certain accounting procedures that have to be followed. I strongly dislike anything to do with figures. In fact, I think I am allergic to them. I then had the good fortune to come across Anne's website, and she has been the answer to all my prayers. She introduced me to QuickBooks, explained how to use the system, and now I am confident in doing a lot of the inputting myself. There is the odd glitch, of course, but she is always there to help. I actually always look forward to our meetings, and confess that my dislike for figures is not as strong at it was once. Thank you for all your help, Anne."

Christopher Läspä | Creative Director & Principal
999 Art Direction, Toronto, Ontario

"As a small business owner running a micro-sized Branding & Web Design Agency 'of one', and acting as an Ad Agency for my numerous service category clients, I have neither the time, nor the inclination, to be caught up in doing my own books let alone dealing with the complex nature of Canada's tax system. Thankfully, I was introduced to Anne Henry, Principal and Bookkeeping Specialist at A1 Bookkeeping Solutions.
___Anne prides herself in helping small growing businesses like mine by not only performing the duties of a bookkeeper, but in taking the time to explain -- in very clear terms -- a variety of easy tips that have been beneficial to me during the year and at tax time.
___I feel very confident with Anne at the helm looking over the financial well-being of my business, which allows me now the time to concentrate on my strengths -- providing creative services to my wonderful clients. Thank you Anne -- I sleep better at night!"

Kathryn Preston | Principal
So To Speak, Toronto, Ontario

"When I started up my business, I found Anne Henry to be so helpful with information and advice which was given readily and honestly. She helped me enormously in areas 'above and beyond my books' that only someone with insight and life experience could offer.
___One can be well assured of accuracy and reporting procedures followed through, and with the benefit of her services, I can free up time and energy for business development and client services. To coin a phrase, you are 'in good hands' with A1 Bookkeeping Solutions."

Mike Scovell | Owner
Abbey Road Auto Sales, Toronto, Ontario

"Anne Henry has been a god-send for me and my ever complicated accounting and income tax woes.
___Anne understands completely the income tax laws as well as offering me excellent organizing techniques with regard to my accounting. My needs as a small business owner / operator were satisfied wholly and finally when I met Anne. Hallelujah!"

Ian McBride | Owner
The Ian McBride Agency, Toronto, Ontario

"Anne Henry has been a bookkeeper with us for over fifteen years. She is thorough, conscientious, and trust worthy. So much so we made her a signing officer of the company many years ago. She has an extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and maintains solid business practices. Anne will be an asset to your company."

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