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> CRA (Canada Revenue Agency):
The starting point to understanding your Federal tax.

> Your HST/GST questions answered:
If you provide taxable, including zero-rated goods or services in Canada in the course of carrying on business in Canada and your revenues exceed $30,000 in a single calendar quarter or in four consecutive calendar quarters, you are required to register for HST/GST. Find out how and when to register for, charge, collect and remit HST/GST.

> Important Business-related Dates for this year:
These are due dates and other important dates you should know about that could happen during the course of your commercial activities such as: determining when your various returns or payments are due, retaining your books and records, establishing your fiscal year end, and calculating installment payments if applicable..

> Payroll:
Answers to most of your payroll questions. Everything from "How Payroll works" to "Calculating Deductions" to "Making remittances to CRA".

> Canadian Payroll Association:
The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), founded in 1978 is the national association representing the payroll community in Canada. With more than 10,000 members and delegates in Canada, the United States and abroad, our mission is to provide payroll leadership through advocacy and education.

> Payroll deductions online calculator:
This On-line user-friendly program that gives you all the CPP, EI, Fed Tax, Prov Tax deductions.

> Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB):
Find out how to ensure your employees are covered in case of an on site accident.

> Employer Health Tax (EHT):
Find the answers to your EHT enquiries.

> QuickBooks:
The QuickBooks accounting package is the preferred choice of software at A1 Bookkeeping Solutions. In fact, it seems to rate very high with many of our clients too, as often we have been chosen BECAUSE of our expertise in QuickBooks. To discover what makes this software so great, and how it's flexibility can be an asset to YOUR business, please visit the QuickBooks homepage.

An A1 Tip!
Did you know you could use all RRSP contributions made up to the 60th day of the following year. If you decide to carry-forward contributions made in the first 60 days you must still declare them on your tax return
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