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"Gardening reduces stress."
Anne Henry | Principal & Bookkeeping Specialist
A1 Bookkeeping Solutions, Ennismore, Ontario

Anne Henry has worked in the world of corporate finance for over 20+ years in both the public and private sector and has extensive experience working with all types of businesses and independent contractors.
___Anne launched her career by attending Ryerson University on a part time basis and earned her certification for Accounting/Finance and Business Management. Not yet satisfied, she pursued further education through the Certified General Accountants (CGA) program. It was shortly after this that Anne received her Payroll Managers Certificate from the Canadian Payroll Association in 2001.
___In September of 2004, she became one of only 18 in Canada to earn The Certificate of Proficiency in Bookkeeping from the Canadian Bookkeepers Association. Her work in the corporate world has given her extensive experience in General Accepted Accounting Principals (G.A.A.P).
___As a Certified QuickBooks IntuitAdvisor, Anne brings confidence to her clients by ensuring that she will always have the most current updates available along with 24-hour access to their support line.
___Anne has gained in-depth experience working with small businesses and individuals for over 15 years. She prides herself in her ability to work with each of her clients personally, revealing valuable insight while helping them to save money.
___In her spare time, Anne has been a volunteer with the Big Sisters of Toronto and is a devoted fan of Rod Stewart -- and her garden!

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